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We believe that the most effective way to evangelize and make disciples of the nations is through church planting. To fascilitate the process of developing leaders and church planters we launched All Nations Training School. All Nations is a 2-year training school designed to develop the character and abilities of leaders and church planters through classroom teaching, small group development and individual coaching/mentoring.

Year One- covers your Identity in Christ, Understanding the Kingdom of God, Spiritual Disciplines, Healthy Doctrine, The Holy Spirit, Finances, Leadership, Family and Living on Mission. Students will also serve in ministry, participate in local outreach and conclude the year with a short term mission trip.

Year Two- includes a greater emphasis of hands-on ministry with coaching and mentoring along the way. We believe that the best way to prepare someone to lead or pastor is to allow them to carry those responsibilities with someone coaching, encouraging and training during the process.


If you are interested in applying to the All Nations Training School. Please click HERE. (coming soon)